Champion Golf - The Perfect Warm-up Training for Golfers Everywhere

The DVD shows a warm-up training, is one hour long and split into five tracks - all in English language. It shows the Feldenkrais exercises most loved by golfers in a sequence that is both appealing and proven.

The tracks:

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Discover various swing variations
  3. 3. Different ways to shift your weight to your advantage
  4. 4. Different sideways bending movements
  5. 5. Different ways to find your balance

The exercises shown are ideal for both the driving range and at home. These exercises incorporate the best of Feldenkrais and offer golfers a varied and fun way to warm up prior to a game.

This warm-up training is a valuable in making your game more effective and more successful.

If you don’t have a club at hand then you can train by simply using a broom handle.

This DVD also offers Feldenkrais trainers valuable insights for ATM and FI sessions for golfers.

Here’s to a good game!

Christian Waas, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Golf-Physio-Trainer.

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Practitioners will get the DVD for 25,00 €!
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