Feldenkrais training program and our goals

The Feldenkrais training program is suitable for anyone who is interested in the continuous process of self-development.
The training program is open to people from all professional fields, such as arts, medical and social professions, business and science. In addition, people with particular challenges or chronic pain are able to benefit from this work.

Our main goal is to offer each and every student the possibility to further her-/himself physically, mentally and emotionally in a safe and supportive learning environment. During your training we will accompany you in an intensive and competent manner.

The Feldenkrais training program leads to a process of self-discovery and maturation. Additionally, it offers participants a foundation for a new professional qualification by enabling them to work with other people and teaching them in turn the Feldenkrais Method. After four years of the detailed study of a large repertoire of movement, the students have the proper basis to identify fine details of movement as well as understanding the complex nature of the psychological, emotional, biological and neurological components of the learning process.


The curriculum follows the different phases of learning and developing movement. The students participate actively during class e.g. Awareness Through Movement, Functional Integration, discussions, lectures, group work and video analysis of Moshé Feldenkrais. The curriculum is not divided into separate units of instruction, but is taught in the context of movement and experience. In addition to this important questions that arise in the group are discussed in detail under the supervision of our highly experienced assistant trainers.
Evaluation of students training program and self-evaluation will be part of the program.


Dr. Chava Shelhav conducts the training program as Educational Director. She is one of the few remaining assistants of Moshé Feldenkrais, who are still teaching. Teaching along side her are four other internationally experienced trainers. They in turn are supported by competent long-time assistant trainers and experienced practitioners. Lecturers will also present and teach the subjects of anatomy, neurology and psychology.

The training program is based on the guidelines and approved by the Euro TAB and all international Feldenkrais bodies. During the first two years of the training the curriculum emphasizes Awareness Through Movement (ATM) group lessons, - the focus in the third and fourth year is on individual work in Functional Integration (FI). The instruction is in German – English speaking lecturers will be accompanied by a German translator.

Our new training program starts on the 24th of August 2017. The dates of Neuss XVI can be found on the first page of our training dates.

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