Feldenkrais - Training Program Curriculum

The duration of the program to become a Feldenkrais practitioner is four years, a total of 160 days. The corresponding 40 days per year are divided into 3 or 4 segments. Each 5 days of teaching is followed by either one or two free days. .
Each training day costs €95.

Each student receives at least 12 FI lessons during the four years, of those at least two lessons are given by trainers.

Each student needs to sign a training program contract. All participants in the training program are student members of the German Feldenkrais association. The Feldenkraiszentrum covers all membership fees.

First Year:

During the first year the students main focus is to gain experience in Awareness Through Movement (ATM) group lessons. They will also encounter their first experience with Functional Integration (FI), i.e. individual lessons. The students will be taught to sense, touch and observe, areas of the body such as individual joints etc. They will receive insight from video material showing Moshé Feldenkrais teaching during his last training program session in Amherst, USA. They will observe FI-lessons with adults and children as a demonstration. In addition to which they will learn about children's anatomy and psycho-motorical development.

Second Year:

In the second year of training, lessons in ATM play an integral part. The students will acquire methodological aspects of teaching ATM and begin to teaching small groups by themselves. While being taught ATM and FI lessons, the students will learn to further enhance their awareness of themselves and that of their fellow participants -discern their own movement patterns and those of others, and observe different ways to execute a movement . Furthermore, the students will learn about the interdependence of movement, individual thinking and skeletal possibilities . They will begin to analyse ATM lessons, and connect them with sensitivity to FI lessons and functions in daily life. In addition they will analyse ATM lessons in relation to child development.


Third Year:

During the third year the students will continue their self-experience in ATM and FI. They will alternate their emphasis on FI lessons between that of understanding and practice. The students will grasp single elements of FI and learn to combine them into coherent full lessons. They will train to recognize the client's needs. They will analyse ATMs more deeply in relation to their intended functions. They will further clarify how the individual steps of an ATM relate to each other, and how they are methodologically structured. The students will learn the different types of communication in ATM and FI and put them into practice. During the third and fourth year, and under guidance of a training assistant, before the training commences in the morning, each student will teach an ATM lesson to his/her peers. Afterwards a feedback session will analyse the lesson. On the completion of the third year of training and if the student agrees to complete the entire program, they will be certified to teach ATM. .


Fourth Year:

During the fourth year students enhance their knowledge of ATM and especially FI. The main focus here is to:

  • grasp the central aspect of each lesson,
  • link the latter to functions of daily life,
  • know how to select ATM and FI lessons,
  • analyse the beginning and end of a client's FI lesson,
  • discuss various ways of communication in ATM and FI,
  • learn about the psychological aspects of this method and to cope with emotions during a lesson.
In the fourth year each student conducts three complete individual lessons to clients unknown to her/him as an internship. These lessons are monitored and analysed by trainers and assistants.

For more information about the training program curriculum, please contact our office in Hilden, phone no. +49 – 2103 -26 86 02 or e-mail: .

Guests and students from other training programs are welcome to attend, their stay should be at least for three days. Participants who need to catch up on missed training pay the current price of € 95 per day, guests (i.e. graduated practitioners) pay € 50 per day.

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