Irmgard K. from G.:
"It has always been my dream to become an instructor in the Feldenkrais Method. The training in Vussem, in a natural environment, provided a unique learning experience - walking in the countryside while absorbing the lessons and the new experiences during breaks. Vussem Feldenkraiszentrum is a great place to learn. Thank you!"

Steffen from Basel (CH):
"I did my Feldenkrais training in Neuss 14 (2013-2016) and I travelled from Switzerland to Vussem four times a year. I really wanted to benefit from Chavas' long-standing and extensive experience.
All the trainers we worked with have touched me personally. And the great infrastructure of the Feldenkraiszentrum, including dedicated support from the entire training team, has contributed significantly to the intensity of these four years and to my depth of learning.
For me as a linguist with a specialized focus on language learning, it is enriching to discover ever deeper links between motor skills, cognition and language."

Maria, Psychiatrist:
"I began this training with the desire to get to know the Feldenkrais method with Chava Shelhav as an educator in authentic connection with its origins and to profit from her deep knowledge and decades of experience.
At first I could not imagine how I could combine the time spent with my professional activities as a psychiatrist. In the end, I did not miss a single training day ...
Four years of an intensive learning lab have enormously enriched me personally and professionally. A new job as a Feldenkrais practitioner has opened up to me, which I am able to pursue even in old age in extension of my own professional experience.
The lovingly managed Feldenkraiszentrum, the "house" with the beautiful hall, is the home of this training - a real center in which the participants stay in good hands. "

Heidi, Physiotherapist, Bobath-Instructor IBITA:
"As a result of a fall, a shoulder injury got me to know the Feldenkrais Method. I have been able to experience with my own body what this kind of holistic touch and treatment (FI work) have brought about in me, both on the physical level, as wee as in my thinking, acting and feeling. Not only my shoulder was in focus, but all the surrounding structures that were involved in this traumatic experience as well as my emotional fears.
Due to my long-term work as a physiotherapist, I have a lot of experience with different treatment concepts.
I have learned a lot about myself along my Feldenkrais training, e.g. to become aware of habits that I acquired over the years. To reflect on this and thus to get in touch with myself has enriched me. I am very grateful for that. I have experienced this training as very structured and elaborated. There was a lot of support to pass to the next learning step as effectively as possible.
The lovingly managed "Haus" in Vussem under the guidance of Chava Shelhav and Karen Schmidt-Paas, with all the responsible assistants, provides a very good and protected learning atmosphere. "

Jeannette, Feldenkrais training 2013-16:
"I was always fascinated by the way Moshé Feldenkrais builds up his lessons and how effective they are.
For me, the training was a new kind of learning, as in how my body learns in a practical manner to move differently without having someone else to show me.
Trying and playing with the different possibilities that my body offers me was simply magnificient. The translation into everyday life took place not only on the physical level but also on the psychological level.
"If you know what you are doing, you can do everything." (M. Feldenkrais) The framework of the training, the Feldenkraiszentrum and the trainers as well as the assistants have always been aware of enabling me this experience.
And learning from a direct student of Moshé Feldenkrais, i.e. Dr. Chava Shelhav, was and remains a great encounter.
The exciting thing was that we were a mixed crowd, and everyone could benefit from the training, no matter if one was a physiotherapist, a teacher or an engineer.
I can only recommend the training to anyone who is curious about what he can do with his body, no matter what age."

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