Feldenkrais Library

The Feldenkrais Library – Revised Edition

With about 2500 titles in stock this resource directory is currently the most comprehensive book of reference. By publishing this book we hope to supply anybody - layman, student, practitioner or trainer - interested in the Feldenkrais method with some useful information for their work or education.

In the past decades Feldenkrais has indeed become a global phenomenon. Trainer and practitioners do their work worldwide. Quite a few of their publications are translated and distributed in various languages and countries. This Feldenkrais library relates to this international dissemination by not only cataloguing Feldenkrais material in German but in foreign languages as well. This book also covers editions in English, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. Six chapters with a total of 21 subchapters facilitate the task of searching for special Feldenkrais topics.

This resource directory is a work in progress. Please feel free to send leads for missing titles or upcoming publications. Supplements and suggestions are always welcome and will make further updates more comprehensive. If you are looking for specific titles which are currently out of print, you can send me a note too (contact: Uwe Husslein, e-mail: dengo4u(a)gmx.de). Authors or publishers of Feldenkrais related material can send free samples for the reference library at Feldenkraiszentrum Chava Shelhav, which is open to the public. (contact/ address: Inga Paas, Subbelratherstr. 301, 50825 Köln / Germany, info(a)ingapaas.de)


© Uwe Husslein, Dec. 2013, 2nd. revised edition

Introduction, PDF (6 pages)

1.   Publications by Moshé Feldenkrais, PDF (34 pages)
  1.1   Moshe Feldenkrais on martial arts
  1.2   Books by Moshé Feldenkrais on his Method: English /Hebrew
  1.3   Books by Moshé Feldenkrais on his Method: German
  1.4   Books by Moshé Feldenkrais on his Method: other Languages

2.   The Feldenkrais Method - general Introduction, PDF (37 pages)
  2.1   The Feldenkrais Method - general Introduction: English
  2.2   The Feldenkrais Method - general Introduction: German
  2.3   The Feldenkrais Method - general Introduction: other Languages

3. The Feldenkrais Method - specific topics, PDF (37 pages)
  3.1   Feldenkrais - special Body Regions and Pain Therapy
  3.2   Feldenkrais and Education - Children
  3.3   Feldenkrais and Seniors
  3.4   Feldenkrais and Sports
  3.5   Feldenkrais and Dance, Performance and Theatre
  3.6   Feldenkrais and Music
  3.7   Feldenkrais - more Topics

4. Feldenkrais in context with other Methods of Body Work, PDF (20 pages)
  4.1   in English
  4.2   in German

5.   Feldenkrais - Multimedia (Audio / Video)
5.1   Moshé Feldenkrais on Audio and Video tape, PDF (6 pages)
5.2   Feldenkrais Method - Audio & Video (English), PDF (63 pages)
5.3   Feldenkrais Method - Audio & Video (German), PDF (18 pages)

6.   Magazines

6.1  in Englisch and other Languages, PDF (30 pages)

6.2   in German, PDF (30 pages)

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