WORKSHOP Storytelling – Theatre – Body Language

The main topic of the workshop is the playful experience of one's own body, movement in space, reference to oneself and to others as well as the repeated change of movement, dynamic and still moments.

The latter provides the workshop participants with the opportunity
+ to choose and tell their own story (personal, fairy tale etc.),
+ to create a dramatic structure to the story
+ as well as shaping the story in a theatrical frame.

The participants can sense the variety of possible actions and interactions the individual has in relation to oneself or his/her counterpart.

The workshop will be taught in English with German translation. The participants may choose to play their stories in German or English.

For many years Noam Meiri has been teaching physical theater and working as an actor and director. For over fifteen years he has been Professor of Physical Theater at the renowned Folkwang University of Applied Arts in Essen.

Prof. Noam Meiri


Period:  June 16-17, 2018

Lecturer:  Prof. Noam Meiri

Costs:  160,00


Sat./Sun. 10 –17 h

* This workshop is taught in English with German translation.
**Book before 31.12.2017 and receive a reduced course fee of €140.00. The discount will be applied upon registration.


"On behalf of all participants, we want to express that the workshop was a successful weekend full of experiences we do not want to miss.

During these two days, Noam Meiri led us as laypersons to performances which we could not imagine beforehand.

His concept was simply convincing. With good humor he brought us to play and prodded us with such positive criticism, that we dared to appear all alone on the stage at the end of the workshop where we performed to the the delight of all the other attendants.

In order to tell a story he made us aware to pay attention to details. In fun games he practiced with us to sharpen our focus and led us to new inner sources of ourselves.

Simply convincing!

Please continue to offer this course in your program."


"As a coach and trainer I am used to present my subjects and myself.

Yet in Prof. Noam Meiri's workshop it went onto a whole different level.

It's about me personally, my self-expression, admitting myslef in the moment, my access to my own creativity, my reference to space, my relationship with the other, my dealing with silence and pause, and my own dynamic pace. Challenging, playful, humorous, joyful, enlightening, instructive.

Beside his professional expertise and long experience, Noam Meiri brings in his personal approach to aforementioned properties. With his likeable personality, his humor, his sense of the participants, his dealing with group dynamics he is able to blow out any hesitation and any reservation for exercise. We were able to implement the exercises with great pleasure and ease.

Regardless of whether you need presentation skills professionally, this is a workshop I would recommend to anyone. Having more awareness of myself is the result of this weekend.

I rate this workshop: Exceptionally well!"


"It is always exciting and interesting to participate in your workshops. I took part from your very first workshop. Each and every time I learn to rediscover myself in body and mind, because everything you come up with for the participants is so exciting and unusual.

I love to introduce the movement games you play with us into my own Feldenkrais work not only with adults but with elementary school children as well. The students are always excited to do small Feldenkrais movements, your movement games and skill exercises before and after class. They always discover that they have become better, more flexible, cheerful and leave class with a smile on their faces. This I feel after your workshop as well.

After your workshops I thus noticed in myself that I am more aware, more open minded, less stressful and more flexible in body, mind and soul - just as it is Moshé Feldenkrais' intention in his work. After reading his biography I get a deeper understanding, while you help me to achieve a better implementation."


"Within a short time Noam mediates insight into the habit to act and react quickly. This he counters in a playful manner with the 'Fixpoint', to pause for a short moment. Only then one can evolve simultaneously an alert as well as effective presence. This was an important lesson in an inspiring week-end."

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