WORKSHOP -POSTPONED - Learning to transfer movement or: Learn one thing and know many things.

This workshop explores how we can improve the quality of our movement and explore ways to communicate the skills we have learned by applying them to different positions and situations.

The concept of transmitting the quality of a learned movement should create a level to enable faster learning.

With this concept we will also investigate the connection of judo to ATM and FI.

Moti Nativ


Period:  April 23-25, 2021

Lecturer:  Moti Nativ

Costs:  250,00


Fri. 16–20 h
Sat. 10–17 h
Sun. 10–15 h

* This workshop is taught in easy to understand English.
** By booking both workshops of Moti Nativ (April 22.-23. and April 23.-25.), the overall fee is reduced to 320 € instead of 380 €.


"Moti Nativ, a Feldenkrais practitioner and martial arts master living in Israel, provides a fascinating insight into the origins of the Feldenkrais Method, which stems from child development as well as martial arts. He teaches fundamental ATMs, from which he deduces and conveys vividly and practically three degrees of improvement in survivability: to protect oneself, to defend oneself and to survive - an old and yet highly topical issue. Thus the connection between self-organization and self-defence becomes clear and perceptible. In order to attend the workshop no previous experience is necessary."

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