WORKSHOP Listening with Your Whole Body: A Somatic Path to Better Hearing

Listening with Your Whole Body® invites you to experience a new approach to the auditory sense, based on the Feldenkrais ® Method, the practice of mindfulness, ancient and modern acoustical research, neuroscience, and a life in music.

Learn how you can, with your own resources:
- listen to yourself, others, & nature more effectively;
- improve your own hearing;
- overcome perceptual disorders;
- get more pleasure from music;
- protect your hearing from environmental damage.

As vision involves more than the eyes, listening involves more than the ears. It is a multi-dimensional process, where movement, touch, vision, breath, attention, attitude, thought, emotion, and relationship all have parts to play. Becoming aware of how we use our whole selves to listen can lead to surprising and delightful improvements in hearing and perception in general.

This workshop speaks to the needs of somatic practitioners, professional and amateur musicians, teachers, therapists, health professionals and everyone else who would like to refresh, reintegrate, and enrich his or her auditory experience.

David Kaetz


Period:  May 11-12, 2019

Lecturer:  David Kaetz

Costs:  190,00


Sat. 11–18 h
Sun. 10–17 h

* This workshop is taught in German.


"David is a born teacher. His listening work improves hearing function and resonates in multiple dimensions that bring us into a larger wholeness as we listen to ourselves and others.“
– Donna Blank, Feldenkrais trainer, Bethesda, MD, USA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of being at your workshop and for the indelible experience that I had there. I had previously considered myself unmusical. I have never before felt each and every note of music in such a profound, deep way, as if I too were a creator of the notes."
– M.I., psychotherapist, Victoria, B.C., Kanada

"After twenty years of professional experience as a classical violinist, the changes I'm experiencing are as welcome as they are unexpected. The new ways of listening have also transferred to my playing and I've never known such visceral pleasure in the physicality of the sound. Also, to my joy, I'm better able to enjoy the voices of my children and husband, as well as my own."
- Andrea Hallam, Musician and Feldenkrais-Practitioner, Israel

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