WORKSHOP How do we find more balance again?

Can you stand on one leg; did you like to balance as a child, or would you have liked to be able to do it?

Balance is not something we have or don't have, it is something we always find new for short moments - in small or large movements, inner state of mind and challenges that require our reaction from the outside.

Our innate ability to constantly balance the stability of being supported and freedom in being unsupported gives us a certain naturalness and joie de vivre.

The selected ATM lessons invite you to explore the vast field of balance by experimenting and sensing and offer suggestions for experiencing balance in everyday life.

This workshop is taught in German.

Susanne Schönauer


Period:  July 06-08, 2018

Lecturer:  Susanne Schönauer

Costs:  200,00


Fri. 17-20 h
Sat. 10–17 h
Sun. 10–13 h

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