WORKSHOP Feldenkrais for Pianists, Instrumentalists and Singers

Alan Fraser has developed a new approach to the technology of playing piano and instruments. It is based on the natural disposition and function of the hands and upper body. By activating the entire musculoskeletal system in an efficient way, one can avoid excessive tension and resultant slackening of the muscles.

Fraser communicates clearly in his workshops how a larger spectrum of tonal colors can be achieved through the knowledge of the skeletal function. He has documented his findings in three basic books, the first of which has just been published in German as well.

The workshop is open to pianists and other instrumentalists including amateur musicians as well as singers who want to improve their musical expression.

This workshop is taught in English with German translation.

Alan Fraser has outlined the course of his workshop on his website.

Alan Fraser


Period:  October 18-20, 2019

Lecturer:  Alan Fraser

Costs:  280,00


Fri. 17-20 h
Sat. 9.30-19 h
Sun. 9.30-17 h

*Optional course fees of €280 € incl. one-on-one coaching or €250 without coaching
** Book before 31.12.2018 and receive a reduced course fee of €250 (incl. one-on-one coaching) or €220 (without coaching). The discount will be applied upon registration.

* plus shipping costsshipping