WORKSHOP Feldenkrais and Voice

The human voice has an indefinite range of expression. In order to discover and optimize this, the voice relies on the body as a well tuned instrument. This Feldenkrais voice workshop provides sufficient space for all participants who are interested in discovering, exploring, experiencing and expanding their vocal potential.

A wide variety of Feldenkrais lessons will enable the participants to support the resonant use of their voice. By speaking, humming, resonating sounds and melodies we will, in a playful manner, tune in our voice with our body.

This workshop is taught in German.

Rita Räderscheidt / Franziska Heptner


Period:  Juli 09-11, 2021

Lecturer:  Rita Räderscheidt / Franziska Heptner

Costs:  240,00


Fr. 17–20 h
Sa. 10–17 h
Su. 10–13 h

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