WORKSHOP Feldenkrais and Standing, Walking, Striding, Running, Jumping...

How's it going? Walking is a central function of movement; from childhood on we begin to learn this function - a dynamic, springy movement that carries us easily through the world and life... right?

The workshop wants to give practical suggestions in daily life to surprise oneself and to leave well-trodden paths.

Main topics:
+ Balance and equilibrium - lose and regain: "falling" without falling...
+ From all fours to standing - from lying to running
+ And what's behind me? About the art of walking backward

This workshop is aimed at all those who enjoy walking in all its forms and does not require any previous knowledge.

This workshop is taught in German.
Ulrike Apel


Period:  June 22-23, 2018

Lecturer:  Ulrike Apel

Costs:  140,00


Fr. 17–20 h
Sa. 10–17h

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