WORKSHOP Agile Golfing with Feldenkrais

This golf and Feldenkrais seminar improves both your golfing movements as well as your kinesthetic sense of movement. It promotes the interaction of sensation and movement. Thus you will perceive your movement patterns on a more subtle and delicate level. You develop a deep and clear insight into your own golfing movements, which is a prerequisite for healthy and successful golfing. Feldenkrais practitioners receive valuable suggestions for golfing ATMs and for FI work with golfers.

You will get to know interesting exercises in the morning in the seminar hall of the Feldenkraiszentrum and in the afternoon on the driving range. Moreover you will observe and analyse movement demonstrations and experience back-saving techniques as well as easy ways to swing golf clubs.

The golf course is just 8 kilometers from the Feldenkraiszentrum.

Christian Waas is the author of "Beweglicher golfen mit der Feldenkraismethode" [transl. as "Agile Golfing with the Feldenkrais Method"] which was published in 2005 and the DVD "Champion Golf" (2014). For many years he taught golf pros and amateurs in Bad Griesbach, Europe's largest golf resort. In his seminars he attaches great importance to the development of motion control, coordination and agility

Christian Waas


Period:  June 15 - 17, 2018

Lecturer:  Christian Waas

Costs:  440,00


Fri. 17:30–20 h
Sat. 9–12 h & 14-18 h
Sun. 9–12 h & 13:30-15 h

* The workshop fee of 440 € includes the green fee.
** Book before 31.12.2017 and receive a reduced course fee of €390.00. The discount will be applied upon registration.
* plus shipping costsshipping