To feel oneself flexible AND powerful at the same time doesn't have to be a contradiction.

The FELDENKRAIS method invites you to deal with gravity and the laws of physics in a highly practical and tangible way and to relate this to your own life situation.

Stress and tension make "short"; constantly contracted muscles are no longer available for smooth and effortless movement.

Stretching and pulling only helps to a limited extent - discover an intelligent way to feel both upright and supple at the same time.

No previous experience in the Feldenkrais Method needed!

This workshop is taught in German.

Ulrike Apel


Period:  September 28-30, 2018

Lecturer:  Ulrike Apel

Costs:  230,00


Fri. 11-18 h
Sat. 10–17 h
Sun. 10–13 h

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