FELDENKRAIS-METHOD THREE DAY WORKSHOP: "Even the strong need allies – About the pelvis and its neighbors"

The pelvis is the pivotal point in almost all our everyday movements.
br> And yet...what else can the pelvis "do" except serve us to sit?

Discover connections and allies; what do hip joints, feet and the spine have to do with each other and who is actually supporting whom?

When did you last sit comfortably on the floor, change elegantly from one position to another or roll around the room with pleasure? So...

Don't worry, no previous knowledge is necessary, you don't have to be sporty and you can join in if you are curious about yourself and enjoy trying out!

The various lessons take place mainly on the floor; from calm to moving, you get to know yourself and can find access to movements that have long been thought lost.

This workshop is taught in German.

Ulrike Apel


Period:  May 07-09, 2021

Lecturer:  Ulrike Apel

Costs:  230,00


Fri. 11-18 h
Sat. 10-17 h
Sun. 10–13 h

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