ONLINE-WORKSHOP: OKTAVEN - Listening with Your Whole Body: Advanced Course Part 1 and 2

OKTAVEN is an advanced course in Listening with Listening with Your Whole Body™ // Mit dem ganzen Körper horchen, developed and taught by David Kaetz. Participation is limited to Feldenkrais practitioners and trainees who have already taken part in an introductory seminar in this work, whether in person at the Feldenkraiszentrum, elsewhere in Europe, or on-line.

OKTAVEN has two parts. Each part consists of three classes over three consecutive days. The first part will take place on-line in May of 2021, the second part in October of 2021. The two parts have different content; the second part requires participation in the first.

While the improvement of hearing remains a fundamental part of the work, in OKTAVEN we deepen in the consideration of listening as a means and metaphor of transformation. We immerse ourselves in an embodied way in particular pieces of music, exploring the somatic character of interval, rhythm, silence, tempo, tone colour, harmony, setting, etc. Of all of these, of course, the most important element is the quality of listening. This exploration opens into the conscious use of music, live or recorded, with oneself and in one’s practice with others. The music of J. S. Bach will play a central role.

As in the introductory on-line seminars, good active monitor speakers are required for this work, as well as a laptop or desktop computer, adequate bandwidth, the most recent version of ZOOM, and a space where you can work without interruption. For those who have not previously worked with David on-line, a technical rehearsal is offered. Reading and listening suggestions will be provided in advance of the meetings.

The first part is scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 7 th , 8 th , and 9 th , 2021. The second part takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 15 th , 16 th , and 17th, 2021.

Each class starts at 17h and lasts for 2.5 hours.

The cost for OKTAVEN is € 250.

Between May and October there will be two or three optional meetings to stay in touch with the practice and one another. Dates and other details to be determined on discussion with the participants.

The languages of instruction will be German and English. Annika Weissman (herself a vocal coach, choir director, and teacher of the Alexander Technique) will be translating when David teaches in English, and will also serve as technical assistant.
David Kaetz


Period:  May 07 - 09 and October 15 - 17, 2021 (daily from Friday-Sunday for 2,5 hrs)

Lecturer:  David Kaetz

Costs:  250,00


Daily, Friday-Sunday, 17-19:30 h

*The online workshops part 1 and 2 each will take place on three consecutive dates, Friday-Sunday, from 07.05.-09.05. and 15.10.-17.10. from 17-19:30 clock. The workshop will be taught online via Zoom conference software in German and English.

The individual dates are:
+ Friday 07.05., Saturday 08.05. as well as Sunday, 09.05. and
+ Friday 15.10., Saturday 16.10. as well as Sunday, 17.10., all from 17-19:30 clock.


"David is a born teacher. His listening work improves hearing function and resonates in multiple dimensions that bring us into a larger wholeness as we listen to ourselves and others.“
– Donna Blank, Feldenkrais trainer, Bethesda, MD, USA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of being at your workshop and for the indelible experience that I had there. I had previously considered myself unmusical. I have never before felt each and every note of music in such a profound, deep way, as if I too were a creator of the notes."
– M.I., psychotherapist, Victoria, B.C., Kanada

"After twenty years of professional experience as a classical violinist, the changes I'm experiencing are as welcome as they are unexpected. The new ways of listening have also transferred to my playing and I've never known such visceral pleasure in the physicality of the sound. Also, to my joy, I'm better able to enjoy the voices of my children and husband, as well as my own."
- Andrea Hallam, Musician and Feldenkrais-Practitioner, Israel

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