online - ADVANCED CLASS Head First and Foremost


+ What images and thoughts does this one word evoke?
+ What feelings of adequacy, or inadequacy, as a practitioner?
+ Can your work with the head, in particular compression, benefit from a comprehensive, consummately guided, closely supervised five days?

A head holds a strategic position high above the ground. Its teleceptors and inner ear labyrinth complex provide invaluable data for the balance, orientation and therefore nimbleness of the whole self. But its position, and its great weight, make it vulnerable to any poor organization of support from below.

Practitioners often roll the head at the beginning of a Functional Integration lesson and then return to the head much later in the session. This advanced training is aimed at bringing greater facility and confidence in working with, as well as from, the head.

In addition to developing confidence for handling the head and compression through the head, will we address the following:

+ How soon in a session can one usefully compress through the head, not in order to “integrate” what has preceded, but to reorganize the chest and spine for weight bearing?
+ How can compression be used, not only briefly, but be woven in throughout the session to effectively stimulate righting reactions within the spine and thereby stimulate inhibition of unnecessary muscular holding in the trunk?
+ In a “head first” approach, how does one weave in auxiliary components to support and sustain a primarily “head first” strategy?
+ We will address considerations where neck injury has occurred or where fear is embedded.

You will be supported by me as well as a freely strung spine where you will be able to practice compression into multiple levels of the spine as well as into the pelvic inlet ring (hip joints).

ATMs will focus on the head’s relationship to the spine and trunk and will include explorations with the eyes, tongue and breath as these influence the organization of the head on the trunk.

Olena Nitefor


Period:  May 18-23, 2021

Lecturer:  Olena Nitefor

Costs:  490,00


Tue. - Sun. 14.30 – 19 h
The lessons will take place online via zoom!

* This workshop will be taught in English with German translation.
**If you book Olena Nitefors both workshops (May 11.-16.and May 18.-23.) the total fee is reduced to 850 € instead of 980 €.

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