AdVANCED CLASS: Usage of Arms and hands

The use of arms and hands

Our hands are our most sensitive and expressive organ. They are a miracle of cooperation and serve us Feldenkrais teachers for non-verbal communication in Functional Integration.

In this seminar we will explore the interplay of hands, arms and shoulder girdle with ATMs. Without dynamic straightening and support of the shoulder girdle, our hands can hardly develop their mobility and sensitivity for FI.

The area around the 7th cervical vertebrae is often dark and difficult to sense. Functionally, this region of the human body moves least in space when walking.

We will explore with "Awareness through Movement",
+ what movements are biomechanically possible around C7, and
+ how this region interacts with arms and hands as well as with the diaphragm chain.

Self-organization for precise sensing and free movement during FI are going to be subject of this advanced seminar.

*This workshop is taught in German.

Petra Koch


Period:  July 20-22, 2018

Lecturer:  Petra Koch

Costs:  250,00


Fri. 11 – 18 h
Sat. 10 –17 h
Sun. 10 – 13 h

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