ADVANCED SEMINAR Infantile Motor Development: An Important Basis for the Feldenkrais Method

In this seminar series, we would like to address the following issues and questions regarding the relationship between Feldenkrais Method and infantile motor development:

+ Explore the first basic movements such as stretching, bending, side bending and clarifying these functions by corresponding ATM lessons.
+ Find out which elements of movement development can be relevant for a functional understanding of ATM lessons as well as for their transformation into FI lessons.
+ Transfer the developed aspects into FI lessons for work with adults.
+ Identify the anatomical conditions at the skeleton in order to complete the contextual understanding.

Cornelia Georgus Ulrike Worthmann


Period:  August 03-05, 2018

Lecturer:  Cornelia Georgus Ulrike Worthmann

Costs:  220,00


Fri. 18-20 h
Sat. 10–18 h
Sun. 10–14 h

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