ADVANCED CLASS The Pelvic Floor and Its Connections

This advanced seminar provides the opportunity to learn and use a proven teaching concept concerning the pelvic floor. The participants will learn in a mixture of practical experience and short theoretical explanations why the pelvic floor is in many ways an important basis for the body. They will understand how to influence problems caused by a weak pelvic floor positively. By reflecting on what has been experienced they will learn to recognize how a seminar on the pelvic floor must be constructed so that it is effective.

The advanced class provides:

  • - Specific ATMs
  • - Information about the pelvic floor
  • - Instructional materials / literature
  • - Methodological tools for leading a group

In the last section of the seminar the participants will develop their own training concept. This will be achieved by participating in workgroups, and by referring back to the key concepts taught in the advanced class as well as with the support of the lecturers.. They will be provided with all instructional materials and sources necessary to enable them to successfully conduct their own seminars about the pelvic floor.

This workshop will be taught in German.

Brigitte Block, Sylvia Weise


Period:  Agusut 22 - 26, 2018

Lecturer:  Brigitte Block, Sylvia Weise

Costs:  490,00


Wed. 15–21 h
Thu.– Fri. 10–17 h
Sat. 10-21 h
Sun. 10–14 h

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