ADVANCED CLASS The Art of ATM - „And what about strength?“

If the FELDENKRAIS-Method® does not aim at "relaxation" but "good organisation in action" - what role does strength play then?

A lot of people have experience with fitness studios, but they don't know how to "organize" themselves - and their strength - well... often they are clients in our classes.

As Feldenkrais teachers we can provide important support in this regard! Fitness and Feldenkrais don't have to be mutually exclusive - after all, it's "Awareness through Movement"...

With Alexander Yanai lessons we will explore these interrelationships and give guidance on how to handle, select and teach the lessons.

Developing, analysing and understanding the lessons is part of daily practice in this advanced seminar. In this way, the lessons also lose their horrors, which are often classified as "hard" or "difficult to convey"...

*This workshop is taught in German.

Ulrike Apel


Period:  December 05-09, 2018

Lecturer:  Ulrike Apel

Costs:  410,00


Wed. 11–18 h
Thu.–Sat. 10 – 17 h
Sun. 10–13 h


"Ulrike's 'Art of ATM' workshop excited, motivated and encouraged us very much. It was awesome!

Ulrike shares her knowledge and experience with us so vividly and elaborately; we look forward to the sequel!"

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