ADVANCED CLASS Images in Teaching

In ATM classes we use language and also in FI work, but in a completely different way.

In this advanced training we want to explore,

+ which functional images support learning,
+ which moving images open up over the sequences of the ATMs and the order of movement, and
+ how the brain is supplementing and
+ how maturation is supported as a whole.

Our thinking is "primarily" pictorial, and we want to discover and use this more through movement in the learning process.

This advanced seminar is taught in German.

Beatriz Walterspiel


Period:  October 08-12, 2021

Lecturer:  Beatriz Walterspiel

Costs:  420,00


Fri. 11 - 18 h
Sat.-Mon. 10 - 17 h
Tue. 10 - 13 h

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