Here you will find a chronological overview of all forthcoming advanced classes that we offer at the Chava Shelhav Feldenkraiszentrum. All of the classes featured here are held at our seminar house in Vussem. For more information, please contact our office in Hilden (Phone: +49 2103-26 86 02; or drop an e-mail at

Working materials are kept on hand in sufficient numbers for all students, including Feldenkrais tables, rolls and pads.

Books and videos (including those by Chava Shelhav) are available in the seminar house.

We offer the following courses in the Feldenkrais Method:

Advanced Classes
Training for Feldenkrais practitioners who have completed their accredited training

Open classes with various speakers
These classes are both for people who want to learn about the method, as well as those who wish to deepen their experience.

Intensive classes with Chava Shelhav
These 4-5 day classes give a good insight into the Feldenkrais Method and are suitable for all, from beginners to Feldenkrais practitioners

Open weekend seminars
These seminars offer further possibilities for self-awareness and self-development (e.g. "Storytelling-Theatre-Body Language", "Feldenkrais and running" and many more).

Training Facilitator
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