INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP in the Child'Space Method

Chava Shelhav has incorporated all her knowledge, experience and research she has gained over the years into the development of the Child'Space Method. The most important thing with this method is the application of a special kind of touch, movement, communication, play and singing to support the child's development from birth on.

Parents learn how they can help their baby to support and improve their movement development. At the same time, this interaction between parents and child strengthens the family bond and helps the child in his or her psychological, social and cognitive development.

Many movement lessons, i.e. Developmental Movement Explorations (DME's), are based on the Feldenkrais Method. This introductory workshop provides background information on the Child'Space Method with DME's, hands-on practice, a video demonstration and a lecture and is suitable for anyone interested in developing and working with children.
Tjitske de Boer


Period:  January 06-07, 2018

Lecturer:  Tjitske de Boer

Costs:  160,00


Sat. 10–17 h
Sun. 10–16 h

* This workshop is taught in German.

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