MASTER CLASS How Can Early Development Impact Movement Patterns?

How Can Early Development Impact Movement Patterns?

Workshop objectives and plan:

All psychological distress/trauma create an imprint on the individual's movement/motoric patterns.

In every pain, limitation or developmental delay one can find a personal past drama. In order to recognize behavioral movement patterns, we need to acknowledge the behavior conflicts, anxieties, fixations, as well as defense mechanisms and regressions that are evidential in the individual’s motoric system and presented via one’s movement patterns.

In the course of this seminar, we will learn how early development and early distresses are incorporated into the individual’s motoric patterns through adulthood/maturity. Further, we will learn to identify, analyze and treat these in terms of movement difficulties, orientation, balance and social interactions.

This theme will be interwoven in all ATM and the FI classes during Master Class 2018.

Dr. Chava Shelhav


Period:  January 11-16, 2018

Lecturer:  Dr. Chava Shelhav

Costs:  560,00


Thu. 11 – 18 h
Fri.-Mon. 10 – 17 h
Tue. 10 – 13 h

* This class is taught in German.

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