ADVANCED SEMINAR SERIES Infantile Motor Development: An Important Basis for the Feldenkrais Method

In this first advanced seminar of this series, we would like to address the following issues and questions regarding the relationship between Feldenkrais Method and infantile motor development:

+ Explore the first basic movements such as stretching, bending, side bending and clarifying these functions by corresponding ATM lessons.
+ Find out which elements of movement development can be relevant for a functional understanding of ATM lessons as well as for their transformation into FI lessons.
+ Transfer the developed aspects into FI lessons for work with adults.
+ Identify the anatomical conditions at the skeleton in order to complete the contextual understanding.

We want to create an open learning environment with you, which shall provide the space for one's own learning process and personal questions.

Cornelia Georgus Ulrike Worthmann


Period:  October 27-29, 2017

Lecturer:  Cornelia Georgus Ulrike Worthmann

Costs:  220,00


Fri. 18-20 h
Sat. 10–18 h
Sun. 10–14 h

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